Powering health
and wellbeing
How does this affect your workplace?
Mental illness in the workplace is costing Australian business
$10.9 billion every year*
On average we spend 30 percent of our lives at work, so creating a workplace that supports mental health and wellbeing makes sense. Your organisation's reputation is paramount and your people are your number one asset.

Most organisations understand the importance of meeting statutory workplace health and safety requirements, however, few really understand the importance and value of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

Workplace mental health issues are often complex and require more than just a standardised response.

This is where intuitis comes in.
As specialists in mental health, our team will bring valuable skills to your organisation, by developing tailored training and support services to address your specific needs.

intuitis will partner with you to increase the skills and resilience of your organisation, your people and your clients, to better identify and effectively manage mental health issues when they arise.

intuitis is backed by MIFQ, a specialist provider of mental health services for over 30 years

The intuitis suite of workplace programs includes:
Consultancy Services
Our specialised mental health team will work with you to co-design a program that meets your organisation's needs. Working with you throughout the process, ensures the products we deliver are perfectly matched to your
organisation and your people, to achieve the best results.
Get Your Head Around It
This one-hour information session is a great introduction to the many and varied questions about mental health and wellbeing. It includes information about specific mental illnesses like depression and anxiety and dispels the myths that prevent people from seeking the help they need. It's a great conversation starter, enabling you to better understand the needs in your workplace.
Mental Health First Aid Training
This nationally accredited training can be delivered over 2 days, or alternatively via a flexible e-Learning option, consisting of 6-8 hours online and 3.5 hours face-to-face with a facilitator. It is suitable for employees at any level and can be delivered in your workplace to groups of up to 20. Training outcomes include recognising signs and symptoms of mental health problems and skills in how to take appropriate action in a crisis situation.
Leading a Culture of Wellbeing
This interactive workshop is specifically designed for managers and supervisors. It provides practical strategies to manage mental health issues, builds skills in effective conversations, supports managers to identify and implement reasonable adjustments in the workplace, and provides resources and tools to use when working with individuals and teams.
One-On-One Support
Our specialist team will support employees and managers confidentially, either electronically or in person. This is an opportunity for people to talk about any issues they may be experiencing in relation to their health and wellbeing, family or their working lifestyle. Managers are able to utilise one-on-one support to further develop their skills in managing mental health issues in the workplace, following on from the Leading a Culture of Wellbeing Workshop.